White Belt-Red Stripe

Yellow Stripe 3

portland-841428_960_720Portland Surf City:
Surf, sun, and the natural minor scale.  Of course, if you live in Portland, OR, like me, it’s just surf and the natural minor scale because it’s never sunny in Portland!



Highway StormHighway Thunder: Basic Power Chords:
power chord sounds just like its name sake—powerful. It’s big, loud, and it squeals like a jet-engine just before take off.  In this lesson, you’ll learn “Highway Thunder” and master a few basic power chord shapes along the way.


17th Avenue Rock (A Robot Apocalypse)
Today’s riff combines the power and the fury of power chords with the E-natural minor scale on the 6th string and the imagination of a 10-year-old student named Jack who co-wrote this song.