Strumming Patterns: Part One

Chords are the basic building blocks of all songs, so once you’ve learned a handful of chords and a few simple strumming patterns, you can easily play thousands of songs! In this lesson, you’ll learn the I IV V (A D & E) chords in the key of A major.

Power Chord Rock:

If you want to play rock guitar, you have to master power chords. Power chords capture the rage and the fury of rock music. Furthermore, they’re easy to play on the guitar.



Minor Fives to Go:

In this lesson, you’ll learn a great riff built around moveable power chords and the minor pentatonic scale on the open E-strings.



portland-841428_960_720Portland Surf City:

Surf, sun, and the natural minor scale.  Of course, if you live in Portland, OR, like me, it’s just surf and the natural minor scale because it’s never sunny in Portland!

Highway StormHighway Thunder: Basic Power Chords:

A power chord sounds just like its name sake—powerful. It’s big, loud, and it squeals like a jet-engine just before take off.  In this lesson, you’ll learn “Highway Thunder” and master a few basic power chord shapes along the way.


17th Avenue Rock (A Robot Apocalypse)
Today’s riff combines the power and the fury of power chords with the E-natural minor scale on the 6th string and the imagination of a 10-year-old student named Jack who co-wrote this song.



1969-chevy-camaro-ss-vehicles-auto-chevrolet-retro-classic-muscle-wheels-roads-sunset-sunrise-sky-clouds-trees-chrome-stripes-wallpaper-1One, Four, Five OverDrive:

Get ready for some power chord fun!  In this lesson, you’ll master some easy power chord shapes and the I IV V (1, 4, 5) chord progression.


Rock Concert Photo

Sam’s Jam: A Call & Response Riff for Beginners

Call and response is one of the easiest techniques to master on the guitar. Begin by playing a simple one bar question on the guitar then answer it with a second riff.  Rinse and repeat until the royalty checks start rolling in.

Booker_T._&_the_M.GsFrosty Ice Cream: In the Style of Booker T. & the M.G.’S:
Learn a 12-bar blues in the key of E minor written in the style of the famous Memphis soul band: Booker T. & the M.G.’S.

Simple Riff on the Open E String (Figure 5):
Learn a simple riff on one string. This lesson is perfect for anyone picking up the guitar for the very first time.


Elmore JamesSimple Riff on the Fifth & Sixth String (Figure 7):
Known for his haunting slide guitar, searing vocals, and indelible live performances, Elmore James is one of the earliest and most influential blues guitarists of the 20th Century.



Halloween Pumpkin ScaryHalloween Thing: A Riff so Good, It’s Scary:

Riffs are the short repeated musical phrases that keep you coming back again and again to your favorite songs. From Kashmir to Thrift Shop, a great riff can capture the ear and captivate the imagination.


Lightning Bolt in FishVictory: Moveable Power Chords in G Minor
Although power chords are—well—powerful, they can also be tender and delicate. In this study, co-written by a 9th grade student of mine, you’ll master power chords in the key of G Natural Minor.



Monster Attack

Monster Mayhem:
Would you like to learn to terrify your friends with an awesome guitar riff?  Well, Monster Mayhem is so cool, it’s terrifying! 



Milo’s Creepy Fun House

Give a listen to Milo’s awesome composition. Rock on!



Boogie Blues in G 

This is an easy 12-bar boogie boogie blues in the key of G.  The boogie woogie originated in the 1920s by African-American piano players like Pintetop Smith.