White Belt

white belt 1Just as the seed awaits spring in the winter, the white belt represents new beginnings, latent potential, and birth. At this stage, you are thirsting for knowledge and taking your first steps on the musical journey toward mastering the guitar.

While dirtying your white belt, you’ll develop a firm command of the basics like: playing in time, power chords, and heavy rock riffs.

The “Peter Gunn” Blues

Today, we’re going to learn a simple 12-bar blues based on the theme song of Peter Gunn, a hit detective show from the 1950s.  The original “Peter Gunn Theme,” composed by Henry Mancini, won an Emmy Award and two Grammys and has been covered by a number of jazz, blues, and rock musicians over the years.

 The Batman Theme

Written by Neal Hefti for the 1966 TV series, The Batman Theme is a typical 12 bar-blues in the style of Wipe Out, the Rumble, and Peter Gunn.  It’s been covered by many famous bands over the last fifty years including, The Ventures, The Marketts, and The Brian Setzer Orchestra.