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The White Belt Edition teaches you the basics like: playing in time, riffs on the E, A, and D strings, blues in the keys of E and A major, blues-rock licks in the open position, the E natural minor scale, and power chords.  All while jamming out to simple and enjoyable songs written in the style of your favorite rock guitar gods.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your guitar, turn on your amp, order this book, and get ready to have some fun!


Here’s what the experts are saying about the White Belt Edition:

“This is the outstanding book I wish I’d had when I was studying guitar—fantastic!
-Dr. Barbara Oakley author of the New York Times science best-seller A Mind for Numbers (Penguin-Random House), and instructor of the million-learner-strong course Learning How to Learn, from Coursera – UC San Diego.

Brian is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher, and this book is a great guide for kids who want to learn to play rock guitar.” Dick Weissman Associate Professor of Music, Emeritus, University of Colorado at Denver
Author of over 50 instructional books for banjo and guitar

“Brian has assembled a comprehensive and accessible guide to the guitar that is certain to inspire even the most reticent of students. His approach is thoughtful, well organized, and paced for attainable goals”– Patrick Greene BA Jazz Performance, Guitar Instructor of 25 years, Music Analyst at
Pandora, and Guitarist (Patrick Greene, Swoop Unit)

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The Ultimate Rock Guitar Dojo for Kids
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The White Belt Edition