“I have been in Brian’s class for two years, and I have really learned a lot. The songs he makes and teaches me are amazing! I have had an amazing experience and admire his belt system. He has inspired me a lot, and if I didn’t have him as a guitar teacher, then I don’t think I would be playing the guitar right now.” -Ethan, Rock Dojo Student

My son is a BIG fan of his Rock Dojo lessons with Brian. He is only in 1st grade, but has already been a budding guitarist for a year with Rock Dojo. Brian is super positive and motivating for the students. He is patient and uses positive feedback continuously throughout his lessons. My son has done mostly group lessons, but also a 1:1 and the pacing of the lessons has been perfect for him. We appreciate Brian’s enthusiasm for what he is doing! It shows in his relationships with his students. Thank you, Brian, for introducing my son to the guitar!! -Gretchen, Rock Dojo Parent

Guitar Pro Student Feature

“Without power chords, rock ‘n’ roll would be rock and flop.”
-Lucy (10-year-old Rock Dojo student)

Testimonials for the Rock Dojo:

Eren (and my) guitar teacher lights up our living room and our souls weekly with his kindness and mad teaching skills. If any of you Portland parents are considering guitar lessons, I can’t say enough good things. -Gulgun Ugur Mersereau, Irvington School Parent

Our daughter, Ingrid, began learning to play guitar during the past summer. She started with lessons at one of the local music stores. While she was learning, she was not inspired and had several changes of teachers in a very short time. We were fortunate enough to have Brian referred to us by friends whose child takes lessons from him. Ingrid began taking lessons from Brian late in the summer. She has exploded in her learning. Brian is teaching her music theory, ear training, rhythm, chords and songs. The lessons are always fun and Ingrid loves to practice between lessons. She is enjoying getting together with friends who sing and play other instruments in order to play music. She has already been in a small talent show. Her self-confidence is shining through. She now happily plays for her family and friends. She never would have done this in the past. Ingridʼs enthusiasm has spread in our family. Our other daughter, Elsie, started taking lessons from Brian two months ago and is progressing rapidly and enjoying it a lot. Next will likely be our son, Karl, who already takes violin lessons, but is expressing interest in learning guitar from Brian. Brian is an excellent teacher. He seems to inherently know what will be interesting for a kid to learn and caters his lessons to the particulars of the child. His enthusiasm is infectious. He can keep lessons interesting and keeps both kids focused throughout the lesson. -Daniel and Rebecca Lam, Irvington School Parents

Brian is both a truly amazing guitar instructor and an inspirational person that we love having in our life. The inspiration that Brian provides often starts when in the beginning of the lesson he shows a video of a famous guitar player and talks about his style. Brian pushes my son to be the best he can be. He is always reinforcing the need for structured practices and telling him what that should look like. We really appreciate that constant reinforcement. He really helps my son to keep his eye on the prize. We feel very fortunate that we have Brian as a guitar teacher for our son. -Amy, Stevenson School Parent

Brian has been bringing the gift of music love and knowledge to Alton for three years! He became Alton’s guitar teacher when Alton was in the 2nd grade. In that time, Alton has developed high levels of confidence, skill and love of guitar. He can read music, play by ear, play chord patterns, power chords and scales and compose music as well. Brian truly has the knowledge required to deliver the technical aspects of playing guitar and what he also has – what sets Brian apart from others– is his ability to reach a child, connect with a kid, to meet them where they are at. He wants a child to develop a love of music, a connection with the instrument, and honors the pace at which any child can do this. It’s Brian’s endless positivity that’s contagious – always encouraging, always nudging forward, always celebrating progress and keying into what keeps him eager tolearn – that keeps Alton engaged. Brian teaches guitar guided by an intuition for mentoring others that he must have been born with. I’m excited to see how far Alton will go with his guitar skills under Brian’s guidance! I want to see other kids experience this transformation; other kids deserve this inspiration and opportunity. -Diane Lechner, Irvington School Parent

Although our daughter has only recently started receiving guitar lessons from Brian, I’m very impressed with Brian. As a parent who plays guitar, I know that his approach is comprehensive and his enthusiasm and persistent positive attitude is key to keeping a student inspired. -Will Johnston, Irvington School Parent

As a parent I love Brian’s positive boundless energy. As a result of playing guitar, we have seen Aidan’s confidence, particularly with performing in front of groups, increase as he has had a chance to perform more and more. He really does look forward to every lesson.

-Aidan, my son and Brian’s student, wants these qualities of Brian passed along:

1. Funny
2. A good teacher in that he connects with you and gets to know what kind of music you like
3. He is interesting

-Joy Frey Martin, Irvington School Parent

My 12-year-old son Luke has been taking guitar lessons from Brian for about a year now, and it has been a terrific experience for him. Brian is skilled, patient, caring and especially positive, all qualities which have made Luke’s lessons fun and engaging. Even better, Brian’s enthusiasm has inspired in Luke a love for guitar and music in general. We especially like Brian’s open-minded approach to Luke’s lessons. Luke will hear a melody he likes and Brian will figure some way to integrate it into the lessons. That’s encouraged Luke to branch out in the music he likes, and has made thelessons that much better for him. In terms of the practicalities of the lessons, Brian has always been on time, and has been flexible about where the lessons are held. He’s accommodated our occasional need to reschedule or even miss a lesson. All in all, the lessons with Brian have been a wonderful experience for us. -Val Aitchison, Access Academy Parent

“Becoming a Black Belt Musician” The Bridge, October 2015

Becoming a Black Belt Musician