Wether you need a new guitar or just want to check out some awesome gear, visit your local music store. Portland Music Company has the largest inventory of guitars, amps, and effects pedals in Oregon!

Choosing your gear and getting the most out of it can be a frustrating experience.  That’s why this section features the best guitars, amps, and accessories available at student friendly prices.

logotheta_600x500Theta Music Trainer – Earn Your Musical Black Belt Faster and Easier Than Ever Before

Are you on the path towards earning your black belt at The Ultimate Rock Guitar Dojo for Kids? Well, Theta Music Trainer can make the journey towards musical mastery easier and more fun than ever before.

100606015327409426173688Five Tips to Choose your Guitar

Choosing your first guitar can be confusing, so I put together five tips to help you get the perfect fit.


imagesThe Danelectro Hodad DH1 Mini Amp: The Perfect Starter Amp for Kids

Choosing a guitar amp can be expensive and frustrating.  With so many makes and models, its no wonder parents often forsake the electric guitar altogether and purchase an acoustic model instead.  But if your kid is dreaming of rocking out like Angus Young or Jack White, an acoustic guitar just isn’t going to get cut it.

                        honeycomb_3d_teleFender’s New 3-D Printed Guitar

Is this the future of the electric guitar? If you haven’t heard of it yet, 3-D printing seems like something straight out of science fiction. But its real, its here, and Fender–one of the most iconic and wellrespected institutions in the music business–is currently developing two prototypes

38759The Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Mini Amp: Another Great Amp for Kids

While the Hodad DH-1 is Danelectro’s flagship min amp, the Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp is probably its best value. In fact, you won’t find a better value under $20 anywhere. Period.

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