After-School Rock Guitar

The Rock Dojo after-school program offers a fun, unique, and totally awesome guitar learning experience. Our program combines chords and scales, rhythm, music theory, ear training, rock history, and composition. Children learn, perform, and compose awesome music while acquiring the foundations of music and rock and roll! The Rock Dojo is designed as a flow experience.

What can you expect?

1 COMMUNITY: Students make music in a fun, positive, and engaging environment.

2. SUCCESS: Students are guided to success and rewarded for their efforts.

3. SKILLS: Students play in ensemble and develop skills and confidence.

4. CREATIVITY: Students compose original music and perform for friends and family.

To Bring the Rock Dojo Guitar Program to you School, Community Center, or Home (Portland, OR)
Contact us at (503) 484-6417 or


Booking by Quarter
8 Weeks

After-School $ 20/per hour
Group Classes $25/per hour
Private Lessons $50/per hour