After-School Rock Guitar

The Rock Dojo after-school program offers a fun, unique, and totally awesome guitar learning experience. Our Portland, OR, based program combines chords and scales, rhythm, music theory, ear training, rock history, and composition. Children learn, perform, and compose awesome music while acquiring the foundations of music and rock and roll!

What can you expect?

• Kids have fun! The program is designed to enhance children’s academic curriculum while playing music, nurturing creativity, and building a secure sense of community.

• Kids learn musical fundamentals such as chords and scales, music theory, and ear training, all while learning their favorite songs and—most importantly—having fun!

• Kids compose original music and have the opportunity to perform for friends and family.

Group Guitar 

The Rock Dojo is all about community. Playing in a guitar ensemble provides kids around Portland, OR with an opportunity to share the joy of making music in a positive and nurturing environment. In addition, playing in ensembles improves timing, boosts confidence, and develops social skills.

If you’re interested in hosting a group guitar ensemble in Portland, OR:

  1. Contact Us: (503) 484-6417
  2. Schedule a 10-week period for 5 kids or more.
  3. Bring your guitar, and get ready to rock!

    For reservations and bookings, contact us at (503) 484-6417 or
After-School Guitar Classes $20 per hour
Groups Guitar Classes $25 per hour