Become a Rock Dojo Guitar Teacher

Ever wondered?

1. How to launch your guitar teaching business?
2. How to start a group guitar class?
3. How much lesson prep is really too much time spent on guitar lesson prep?
4. How many back-to-back private guitar lessons can you teach a week until you drop?
5. How to make mixed level students successful in the same group guitar class?
6. How to teach theory, performance, and composition to 10 kids in a 12 weeks period?

Our Mission

We believe teaching artists are ambassadors for the arts with the privileged mission of inspiring today’s kids to create tomorrow’s music.

That’s why we developed a complete system and a proprietary certification to provide teaching artists with the tools they need to reach more students, earn more money, and improve student engagement.

Get Involved and Become a Rock Dojo Guitar Teacher!

We worked tirelessly over the last five years designing the most innovative, engaging, and accessible guitar method for kids on the planet. Now you can become a Rock Dojo guitar teacher and bring the dojo to your community center, school, or organization!

This guitar method is going to change the teaching game! My daughter is suddenly interested in learning to play the guitar. As a teacher starting my own practice I highly recommend this curriculum. It is innovative, displays important theory in a fun easy to understand way & also teaches kids that they can do anything they set their minds to. So inspiring!” -Lisa, Guitar and Voice Teacher


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We are looking for rock star guitar teachers of all levels including beginners, established, and K-8 music educators. Training includes the Rock Dojo belt system, classroom management, business training, marketing, and event planning.