The Ultimate Rock Guitar Dojo for Kids!


Brian Parham is the Founder of the Rock Dojo.

In 2017, he was awarded a RACC Project Grant for the Arts.  Brian is also a 2016 RACC Professional Grant Winner for the Arts.  In addition, Brian is the author of White Belt Edition, a critically acclaimed guitar method for kids.Brian believes every kid has the power to learn, perform, and compose great songs on the guitar.

Guitar Classes

The Rock Dojo is rocking Portland after-schools at Access Academy, Beverly Cleary, Laurelhurst, and Irvington Schools. We teach group guitar classes and private guitar lessons.

Events: We organize workshops (Multnomah County Library, Portland Children’s Museum), birthdays and parties.


“The Rock Dojo Rocks!” -Mason, Age 11
“This class is super Boss!” -Ethan, Age 10“Brian and Sophie are delightful people and committed, inspiring and kind teachers. We are so grateful for this program’s influence on our family — they have brought music into our home and instilled a love of music in our son.”
-G. Mersereau